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Pradyuman Murder Case: Saurav, the driver working with Ashok, did big disclosures

Pradyuman Murder Case

There is a new twist that is coming out in the murder case of Pradyumna, who was studying in second class of Ryan International School, Gurugram in Haryana. The bus conductor Ashok was made accused by Haryana Police and School Management and was taken to the custody by Haryana Police. The accused Ashok, confessed his crime before the police and the media, said that he tried to misbehave with Pradyumna.

Pradyuman Murder Case

Now there is a new turn in this case. Bus driver Saurav Raghav, who works with bus conductor Ashok for 4-5 years, claims that there was no knife kept in the bus. Significantly, Ashok has also admitted that he had brought the knife kept in the toolbox of the bus to wash. Driver Sourav said that he does not need a knife. If they need to cut a wire they use cutters or other tools for that purpose

Pradyuman Murder Case

Sourav said that when this incident happened with Pradyumna, some staff members came out and put Pradyumna in the car and took him to the hospital. During this period, Pradumman was brought from the toilet by Ashok, which led to his whole shirt clothed with blood. Sourav said that after this, when he saw Ashok, he could not fear from anywhere.

It was not discussed anywhere after Sourav took the child, that Ashok was the only accused. After that he went to fill the CNG with the second bus conductor. After which Sourav didn’t met Ashok. Sourav said that he does not think Ashok has done something like that.

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Pradyuman Murder Case: Saurav, the driver working with Ashok, did big disclosures
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