Friday, 22 September 2017

Facebook is testing new WhatsApp Button in its app.

Facebook app to show whatsApp in it

Facebook and WhatsApp the two important tools that are as important as food for today’s generation. In recent times it has been seen that the social media network is spreading in lightning fast speed, people around the globe are connected to each other through Social Media which has made the world look so small and if the connectivity becomes easier for you. Yes, you heard it right Facebook is coming with a unique feature in it.
You might have heard that Facebook bought WhatsApp a few years back. The company WhatsApp has come up with great new features in the past and many other beta versions are in testing. Whatsapp is not only a great app but it is also quite popular as like Facebook. If you talk about today's time, then WhatsApp has become a very important means of communication.

New feature for Facebook

Looking at WhatsApp's popularity and needs, Facebook is now going to give a great feature to WhatsApp's app in their Facebook app. In fact, Facebook is going to give WhatsApp app buttons in its app, through which Facebook will be able to share anything on WhatsAppSpace. The company is still testing the use of this button, although it has come to the notice that many users have said that this button is being done.

Whatapp and Facebook to merge together

Through this WhatsApp App button which will be made available soon on Facebook, Users will be able to share any post, photo or video etc. on Facebook with WhatsApp on Direct Facebook. To do this, users no longer have to go to WhatsAppSave separately as before. They will get shares without opening WhatsApp

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Facebook is testing new WhatsApp Button in its app.
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